Aerosol suction with UV sterilization

Extraoral Aerosol Dental Vacuum Suction Machine

Aerosol suction sterilized machine

Portable sand blasting machine
Dental Lab Sandblaster for Dental laboratory

In 1997, the original “E-FU Dental Chair Inhalation Purification and Sterilization Device” was awarded a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, which was Win Min Advanced Technology’s first step into dental care equipment.

Brand name E-Fu,
A 20 years old brand with market experiences and manufacture ability,
products are being awarded the Taiwan Excellence Mark.
The company also acquired ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System certification, owns multiple patent rights worldwide. Its products have been chosen by more than a thousand of dental clinics and 11 major educational hospitals in Taiwan.
E-Fu, the most trusted aerosol control equipment manufacturer and safeguard the medical staff’s health and happiness!
Over a thousand dental clinics and
major hospital clients

- Hospitals under the Ministry of Health and
- Mennonite Christian Hospital
- Shin Kong Wu HO-Su Memorial Hospital
- Cathay General Hospital
- Armed Forces General Hospital
- Veterans General Hospital
- Chi Mei Medical Center
- National Yang-Ming University Hospital
- Taipei City Hospital Zhongxiao Branch
- Eda Hospital Kaohsiung
- Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital
- Taitung Christian Hospital
- Taoyuan Prison Dental Department
- Juifeng District Public Health Center, etc.

  • Worldwide patents

    Including United States, Japan, Taiwan, and China and are marketed and sold in the United States, Japan, Norway, China, etc.

Technical Support

Offering professional repairing and maintenance services countrywide,
and step by step guiding technical support oversea,
0 hesitation on any issue occurred.



  • Oral Suction
  • Dental Lab Workstation
  • O3 De-Odor
  • High Power Vacuum

E-FU - Clinic Aerosol Control Equipment Expert